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My name is Jamie "Y2Jay" Innes, I'm from Christchurch, New Zealand. I run this blog and a travel and adventure youtube channel called Y2Jay Does Asia. So for the best travel videos on the entire internet, check out my blog and check out my vlogs!


Guangzhou Crocopark

May 2016

In may 2016 midway through our tour of China we checked out Guangzhou Crocopark, otherwise known as Guangzhou Crocodile park. This is located near Chimelong Resort in Guangzhou. You can get there on a free bus from Chimelong, make sure you get on the right bus! Easy top get on the wrong one.
There are 2 zoos, the regular zoo and the Crocopark, the crocopark specialises in crocodiles and birds, in fact I would say that really the bird shows are the highlight, they are training and you can also pay to feed them too. Cheap, usually 10 yuan. Crocodiles on the other hand are not inclined to do what you want.
Every part of the park has a show, there's a hippo feeding show, wetland shows (birds) another bird show, crocodile show. And the park boasts what you'd call an "open avairy", I've never seen anything like it. You walk past these open enclosues where different native bird specicies are just chilling out, hanging around, and you wonder, why don't they just fly away? You then find out that many generations of birds have grown up here and they know from thier "family" that "this spot is home".

Have a look at my videos and check out my youtube channel, if you go to Guangzhou I reccomend checking this place out, you won't get swamped by huge crowds like you will at the regular zoo, because you know, crocs and birds aren't as appealing to kids as cuddly looking panda bears are. You can also buy crocodile skin products here, but, they COST A FORTUNE. Probably better to buy croc skin products from Australia if you really want them. Link to my Youtube channel is at the top of this page.

Guangzhou Crocopark Youtube Videos

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Bird & Crocodile Shows
Talking Parrots
Animal feeding


May 2016

We stopped at Singapore for 5 days and I instantly fell in love with this city/state. Although the place does kind've reek of environmentalism, everywhere you go there are pro-environment messages. Easy to say for a country that basically produces nothing and thrives on tourist dollars and commerce.
The whole island though is 1 big tourist trap and next time I go, I plan to rent a car and drive. From Chinatown to Little India to the gateway to Malaysia and Sentosa Island in the south, this place has a lot to offer, but at a price, accomodation is expensive, in fact everything is expensive. Expensive but worth it. Singapore IS what Hong Kong SHOULD BE.

Singapore Youtube Videos

Click on the picture to see my awesome Youtube videos. Although I wish I had a better camera at the time I went there.
Highlights of Sentosa Island
Singapore Flyer Ferris Wheel
Gardens By The Bay

Photos from Sentosa Island's "SEA" Aquariuum (South East Asia)